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How Much Do Mini Trampolines Cost?

A lot of people may not know that mini-trampolines are much more affordable than people might think and are a great way to help out kids/people who have limited space to play outside.

Mini Trampolines are ideal for small premises, indoors and outdoors. It is also great for children who are not able to use large trampolines because of safety purposes. 

A lot of people ask How much do Mini Trampolines Cost and this article answers that question. There are a lot of different types and sizes of mini-trampolines; some are portable while others are fixed. Some are very cheap but that doesn’t mean that they’re of poor quality. 

Sometimes people might believe that the more expensive trampolines would be better than cheaper ones but this isn’t always the case as we will see later on in the post.

How much do Mini Trampolines Cost?

The price of Mini-Trampolines ranges from as low as 50$ to as much as 400$

Adding more features can make it more expensive as well. For example, you can have a cover, padded frame, and other add-ons that can make it more expensive

Start out with a cheap trampoline, if you enjoy it then you can always get a more expensive one later on. Cheap doesn’t mean bad and I will prove this by showing the prices of different mini-trampolines.

It is advisable to look around the different mini trampoline sites online before you purchase one so you can check out various prices and make your decision accordingly.

how much do mini trampolines cost
Mini Trampoline for Exercise

How much money does a Mini Trampoline Cost?

There are many factors that will determine the price of a Mini trampoline; size, shape, and whether it is portable or fixed will all affect the cost. It will also depend on what things you want to include in your trampoline.


Mini Trampoline also has a variety of sizes and the price varies with their sizes. Their sizes range from 30-40 inches. The smaller the trampoline, the cheaper it will be but this doesn’t mean that they’re lower quality. 

In fact, smaller trampolines tend to be higher in quality than larger ones because of their sturdiness


The shape of the trampoline will also affect its cost. The most popular shape is round but there are other shapes too such as rectangles or squares. Rectangle/square-shaped and bigger than round ones would cost more money due to them having more metal poles to connect them all together.


The brand of the Trampolines is also an important factor that determines its price. Some brands are known to be more expensive than others are due to their reputation

Some brands, like Skywalker, are more expensive than other brands but this doesn’t mean that they’re better. Price shouldn’t be the only deciding factor because it is based on customers’ opinions too so try out different brands before you choose one.

Weight Capacity:

The weight capacity of the trampoline can affect how much it will cost. The more weight the trampoline can hold, the higher its price is. Some trampolines can hold up to 350 lbs and are very popular amongst parents for this reason. 

Are Mini Trampolines worth it?

Moving on to the next point, if you’re thinking about getting a Mini trampoline, there are many pros and cons to it so you need to be certain that this is the right decision for you.


There are a number of benefits to getting a Mini trampoline for your children. 

  1. First and foremost, there is no risk of injury as they will fall right onto the mat instead of going straight onto their head or bodies.
  2. It’s also a lot easier to clean after they have been jumping around on them than it is with larger ones.
  3. Mini trampolines are also great for outdoor use as they don’t require any landscaping or other things that would be needed for large trampolines.


Like anything, Mini-Trampolines have cons so you need to consider some things before making a purchase. 

  1. Mini trampolines do not offer much space for jumping. They are also not as stable as larger trampolines.
  2. Larger trampolines can offer great exercise, but with mini-trampolines, you are limited within the size of your house, which makes it difficult to get full exercise.

Other than that, there are no other major cons; it is a great way to get your kids active while also providing fun and entertainment.

Frequently Asked Questions:


Q: Are Mini Trampolines a Good Investment?

A: Yes, Mini Trampolines are a great investment because they can keep kids active and playing outside the entire day while being safe at the same time. It is also a great way to burn calories as you jump.

Q: Are Mini Trampolines Good for Weight Loss?

A: Mini trampolines are good for weight loss; it increases your heart rate so you can burn calories and tone your muscles while having fun. It is an enjoyable way to get exercise with no effort.

Q: Do I Really Need a Mini Trampoline?

A: If you have kids and they’re over 5, then yes, you do need to get one. Mini-trampolines are as much fun as they are safe. Kids will have more fun doing things than adults and it’s a great way to get them active and moving outside the house.

Q: How Much Maintenance Does a Mini Trampoline Require?

A: Mini Trampolines require very little maintenance; you need to make sure that it is cleaned occasionally, for example, every few weeks or seasons. If you have an indoor trampoline then you will never need to worry about maintenance.

Q: Is a Mini Trampoline Safe?

A: Mini trampolines are safe as long as they are made of the right materials and used properly. If you make sure that they are well-built, installed securely, and used with proper precautions, then yes they are 100% safe. We have also got a separate article on this topic Are Mini Trampolines Safe for Toddlers?


The Price for Mini Trampolines varies from 50$ to 400$. The more features, the more expensive they are. Starting out with a cheap trampoline is always a good idea, if you like it then you can always get a more expensive one later on.

Mini-trampolines are a great way to get kids active and playing outside. Although they are not for everyone, there are a lot of benefits and other features that make them worthwhile and that people should consider before buying one.

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