How to Mow Under a Trampoline
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How to Mow Under a Trampoline?

Mow under a trampoline? You might have seen this question being asked in our “Ask the Expert” section on the web.

Mowing under a trampoline can be tricky if you don’t know what to do. If you’re new to mowing, or just want some helpful instructions on the best way to go about it, you’re in luck! This comprehensive guide will walk you through every step, from preparing for mowing to getting started and finished. Many people have trouble with what to do with the grass growing under the trampoline.

So in this article, We’ll answer how to take care of the grass growing under a trampoline or what else to do with it.

You must know how to properly mow around the trampoline since it will affect the safety of the kids playing on it. Of course, there are always those who let the grass get too long, but they don’t realize how unsafe this is. Grass can easily get caught in the springs or frames of a trampoline, which can cause injury or worse to someone on it.

How to Mow Under a Trampoline?

So, you’re thinking of cutting the grass under a trampoline. That’s a great idea because it will keep the grass from getting too tall and making your yard messy. The grass under can be taken care of in multiple ways, including:

  • Using a lawnmower
  • Weedkiller for grass
  • String Trimmer
  • A Scythe(if you don’t have a lawnmower or any other equipment at the moment)

We’ll go through the mower first, and then we’ll discuss the other options.

How to Mow Under a Trampoline
4 Ways To Mow Under a Trampoline


But before we get started, let’s make sure that you have all the things you’ll need to do this job right:

  • A lawnmower with more than one cutting blade for extra-close work. You’ll want an electric one so that there are no gasoline fumes to worry about around something like a trampoline.
  • Some long metal stakes (you can find these in big boxes of assorted metal plumbing supplies or on websites like IKEA). You’ll need at least 4 of these.
  • A trampoline propped up on the ground or moved over to take out the grass.
  • Some sort of long piece of wood or 2×4 or 2×6 lumber (2×4’s can be found in most home improvement stores, but if you don’t have one handy, you can improvise one myself out of two 1×6 boards).
  • A sharp utility knife with a serrated blade – 1/2″ works great for this job.
  • Measuring string. You will need plenty of string. Scissors are recommended as well, just in case.

That’s all you need. You’ll also need to wear a hard hat to protect your head, but there’s no specific kind of safety gear required for this job. Now that you’ve got everything you need, let me explain exactly how to go about mowing under a trampoline.

Foremost, make sure that the trampoline has been properly leveled and secured. You know the best time to mow around your trampoline is when it’s dry and there’s no rain in the forecast, so you’ll want to mow only when it’s dry. Once that’s done, prop it up on some long metal stakes so that it is high enough off the ground for you to get underneath it and reach over the top with your arm straight out next to the trampoline. This part is easy.

Measure The Grass:

Now that everything is ready, here’s what you do: You will want to use the measuring string to measure out how far the grass has grown, and then you’ll use it to trace a line.

If you’re using the measuring string method, you’ll want to make sure that it’s the same length as the height of your trampoline so that you’ll know how much room you have to work with. The string will trace out a line for you to follow as a guideline for cutting.

Make a Border for the Grass:

Now take your sharp utility knife and cut along the string to make your straight-edge line. Hold your long piece of wood or lumber in one hand, so that you can use it to hold the grass down on both sides of the trampoline where you’ve just cut.

Using your utility knife, cut through the grass right at the edge of the string. Once this is done, place some of your stakes along each side of your cut in a kind of fence shape and push them into the ground about an inch or two to hold everything down as you mow around.

Use The Mower:

Start your mower and reverse it underneath the trampoline. Then walk around the trampoline on the outside, following the string and mowing only where there is grass. Use your string to keep track of where you’ve already cut so that you don’t miss any spots.

Keep moving until all the grass is gone. Those long stakes can be used to hold down any pieces of grass that have grown back to keep them mowed too. You’ll cut off the stakes later. To do it, use a pair of garden or work shears to snip the stakes off at ground level.

And you’re done. Piece of cake!


Now, if you want to get rid of those tall grass blades that are left over after a mowing job, you can use a scythe to cut them down or even just put out the trash and let the wind take care of it for you. But that would be more trouble than it’s worth since it’s so easy to just dispose of them by hand.

Weedkiller for Grass

You can use any formula of weedkiller that you want. Some people like to use liquid weed killer, while others go with a granular formula. I’ve heard of some people using a combination of the two.

In either case, you’ll have to spray it on the grass to kill any weeds that have grown through it overnight and start to get out of control. This is the best time to use this method since you won’t be able to see if there’s any weedkiller lingering underneath your trampoline as you mow.

Granular Weed Killer:

If you’re using a granular weed killer, you’ll want to use a really fine grain formula, or else it will just scatter between the metal frame and springs if you get it on anything but the grass. If you’re using a spray, then just follow the directions on the bottle of the killer. Place some under your trampoline and wait for it to take effect. If you find any weeds, use your utility knife to cut them down. That’s it! Your trampoline is now ready for another season of playing.

When you’re done, take a long piece of plywood and place it under the trampoline to deter any more weeds from growing through it. Measure about 1/4 of an inch from the top of your trampoline frame and make a mark on that piece of plywood, so you can remember where to measure from next time, so it will be easier for you.

A String Trimmer:

If you’re using a string trimmer to cut the grass under your trampoline, then the following are the steps a person needs to do.

Ready the Trimmer:

First, attach the trimmer to the motor handles and turn them on.

Positioning the Trimmer: 

The best way to position yourself for this task is by placing your feet on the bottom of the trampoline frame, and straddling it so that you are facing one of its two ends.

However, you can change your position in any way in which you feel comfortable while trimming the grass.

Setting the Speed:

Ideally, they have a throttle or speed control. You can set the speed of the trimmer according to your choice or which you think would be best for the current situation.

Using the String Trimmer:

Find the end of the handle that is the farthest away from the motor, and stretch it out so that you can easily squeeze it to stop and start cutting the grass.

While you’re cutting the grass, use one hand to guide the trimmer – don’t put any pressure on it while it’s cutting grass. The reason behind this is that while you’re cutting a weed or a tall weed, any extra pressure on the string line will cause its tip to rise, which may cause an accident if your hands were to cross over.

Some trimmers have a blade breaker, which is a device that tips up at the end of the string to stop the blades from cutting into the grass during a cut. You may wish to use this on these machines for safety if you’re trying to avoid hurting yourself.

That’s all there is to the process of using a string trimmer under a trampoline.


A scythe is a tool that you can use to remove the grass that grows up in unwanted places. You may use a scythe if you currently don’t have any other method to cut the grass. It is easy to get hold of one. It’s an effective method, but it must be used with care.

A normal pair of scissors will take off most of the plants as you mow them down, but they won’t get every last one. That’s where a scythe comes in.

The scythe should be sharpened before you use it, so make sure you know how to sharpen it correctly. You can buy a scythe or make one yourself. You can also rent one if you don’t own one.

Using the Scythe:

Once you have the correct tool, all you have to do is bend over, hold the handle with your left hand while using your right hand to hold the blade. The blade should be held down firmly and then make long cuts in a long stretch starting at one end and continuing till you reach the other end. You must not swing it, as that will leave grass cuttings behind, and they can grow again very easily.

Best Method:

There are different ways of using a scythe, but the easiest way to use one is by making long, deep cuts and cutting right up to the edge of your trampoline so that no grass can grow through it again.

This should not be done in one fell swoop, though. You must take small, careful steps and make sure you don’t cut too close to your trampoline, or you might end up cutting through it. You must always take into account the width of your trampoline. Or if you want to be cautious then you should move it away for the period and put it back after the grass is cut.

That’s all there is, using a scythe on your trampoline. After the work is done, just remember to rinse and dry the scythe before putting it away.

How to Grow Grass Under the Trampoline?

Although most people just want to get rid of the grass growing under their trampoline, some might want to grow it. Let’s take a look at how to get grass growing under the trampoline.

Why Do People Think This Way?

Growing grass under the trampoline is an option. The reasons are many and varied. The main reason is that some people like to keep it as a play area for their kids, so they need a softer surface to land on. To do this, they use several methods to make this happen, including:

Artificial Grass:

Artificial grass is the easiest method to accomplish your goal. It’s already green, and it will not take too much time or effort to do, because the fake grass comes in a patch that is very easy to lay down on any surface. You can buy them at home improvement stores or find one that can be cut on your own using a sharp knife. Make sure you have something underneath the patch, such as a tarp or carpet so that it won’t get ruined while you’re working on it.

Moreover, if you GROW some natural grass you would eventually need to cut it when it gets too long, so the artificial grass gets rid of that factor. Thus, it is considered to be the best option.

Natural Ground Grass:

The easiest way is to buy a small patch of artificial turf, which can then be laid down under the trampoline.

The second method involves laying the rough material on the ground and raking it into place over time until you get a nice even surface. At first, it will look rather unruly, but with time and care, you should be able to achieve your goal.

Some people also like to grow grass under their trampoline and then make use of it as a garden. It’s not that difficult, but it does take time.


If you follow the methods, you can easily know what to do with the grass under the trampoline, whether to cut it down or to make it grow, depending on your preference.

As a lot of sharp things are used in cutting the grass, so be careful! Your safety must be the priority.

Growing grass under the trampoline is easy but time taking, so you have to be patient.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How Often Should I Move the Trampoline to Grow the Grass?

A: It depends on your personal preference. Some people like to move it in the spring when they start the lawn mowing season.

Q: If I Want to Mow Under My Trampoline, Should I Remove It?

A: It should be removed, but only if you’re trying to make room for the grass to grow. If you just want the trampoline out of the way so that you can mow your lawn without bumping into it, then there’s no need to remove it.

Q: Is it Safe to Put a Sprinkler Under a Trampoline?

A: It’s perfectly safe to put a sprinkler under your trampoline, but only if it’s made of metal. You must never put one under a plastic or aluminum trampoline.

Q: Is Opening the Vinyl Trampoline Useful for Growing Grass Under?

A: It’s perfectly safe to open your trampoline for a purpose, but there are some things you should know about. The first thing is that it must not be damaged. Try to avoid damaging the corners and around the frame, as they are usually necessary when opening the frame so that it doesn’t break or warp.

Q: What Should I Do if I Cut the Grass Under My Trampoline and It’s Not Growing?

A: It could be because you don’t give it enough time to grow. Go ahead and water it, but don’t wait for too long. Also, there could be other factors involved. For instance, the temperature might be too high or too low to help it grow as quickly as you would like.

Q: What Is the Most Preferable Way to Cut Grass Under a Trampoline?

A: It can differ according to what a person finds easy to do and what is available at the moment. But a Lawnmower is recommended.

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