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Are Trampolines with nets Safe?

Trampolines have been around since the 1900s. They were originally used for circus acrobats. In the 70s, the popularity of trampolines began to grow as a toy.

Trampolines are a playful and action-packed toy! They can be used as a tool for exercise, they can be used as a means to stop boredom and they can be used as a means to jump and play on!!

Trampoline’s come in many shapes, sizes, colors, and patterns to match nearly any taste. Many large trampolines include safety nets to help keep kids and adults safe and prevent injuries. They can be used as a tool to relieve anxiety, release energy, and help create a sense of freedom. 

Ever since people have been jumping on trampolines, there have been safety concerns. For many, the safety concerns stop with the question of Are Trampolines with nets Safe?

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Are Trampolines with nets Safe?

Yes, Trampolines with nets are safe if you use them properly and set the net up correctly according to the instructions that come with each trampoline.

Many people believe that trampolines with nets are safer than those without them. If a person falls off the trampoline, they can land on the mat rather than land on the ground. The safety net helps to absorb some of the energy created by falling, which helps to prevent severe injuries such as broken bones and head injuries.

So even though trampolines with nets are safer and offer more protection than those without, they still do not eliminate the risk of injury.

A study by various institutes around the world reveals that fewer people have been hospitalized because of injuries from trampolines with the net as compared to those using a netless trampoline. 

Are Trampolines with nets Safe

How safe are trampolines with nets?

Safety nets are a great addition to trampolines but they do not eliminate the risk of injury on their own. Many injuries occur when a person falls from the trampoline and does not land on the safety net. This is because most safety nets have a low clearance, which makes it hard to land on the net.

A study shows that Trampolines with nets are 50 times safer as compared to trampolines without nets.  The study found that trampolines without nets are 18.2 times more likely to cause trampoline injuries. 

One important factor in this is the size of the trampoline and how far away a person is from it. The nets are designed to catch people who fall while they are jumping, not prevent injuries while they are in contact with the trampoline frame.

If You fall down and hit your head on the trampoline frame or jump and hit other parts of your body, then you could get injured even with a net.

Do I need a Safety net for the trampoline?

 A trampoline with a net is better and can help you not to fall outside while you are jumping on it. But it is not absolutely necessary to have a net. A trampoline with a net can assure your safety and let you enjoy yourself without any fears of falling outside.

Ultimately it is up to the individual whether they want a net, but it is not bad to have one, especially when you have small children or pets in the area.

Also If you have a safety net and wondering how to put it on? We have written a detailed and step-by-step guide on this topic. Check out How To Put A Net On A Trampoline: A Step-by-step Guide

 What kind of safety nets are there? 

There are different styles of safety nets available that vary in size, style, and type. Most are made from nylon or nylon bungee cord material. The only difference between the types of nets is the material and shape. 

Upper Leg Net 

This is the most common kind of trampoline net. It is about waist high and puts the net underneath the trampoline. The net extends to the top of the legs, which makes it hard for kids to fall out. It is not very wide but can prevent some injuries or make them much less severe compared to those with lower nets. 

Lower Leg Net 

It is a type of net that is similar to the Upper leg net but with one very important difference. It extends to knee level and beneath the trampoline. This makes it easier to land on the lower part of the net and will reduce accidents and injuries.

Frame-Fixed Net 

This is a fixed net attached to the frame of the trampoline. It is not easy for children to remove it and it fits closely around the frame. It is very easy to install and is good protection from injuries.

Spring-Fixed Net 

This type of net comes off the springs of the trampoline and covers half the surface. This makes the trampoline more fun because you can bounce higher. 


Now that you know the benefits of Trampolines with nets, it is time for you to make a decision. If you are looking for more safety then it will be best to purchase a trampoline with nets. 

Frequently Asked Question-Related to Are Trampolines with nets Safe?


Q: Should you get a trampoline net?

A: Yes, you should. Trampolines with nets are designed to improve the safety of people using trampolines. They are attached to a trampoline in order to make it easier for a person falling on the ground to land on the trampoline rather than the hard concrete. This can help prevent head injuries, broken bones, and other serious injuries that could result from such falls.

Q: oxydrolone por alpha pharma en espana oxymetholone Are enclosed trampolines safe?

A: Yes, they are. An enclosed trampoline is surrounded by a net which helps to prevent accidents. Many parents consider this as an excellent way to keep children safe while they are playing on the trampoline.

Q: Are backyard trampolines safe?

A: Fun, leisure, and happiness: These three words explain why so many people love to spend time in their backyards using a trampoline.

Q: How much safer do trampoline safety nets make trampolines?

A: According to a study, trampolines with safety nets reduce the risk of injury by more than 50 percent when compared with trampolines without a safety net.

Q: Is it safe to fall while using a trampoline?

A: No, it is not safe. Falling on hard surfaces such as concrete can cause serious injuries or death. This can happen if you are using your own backyard trampoline or even at an indoor venue such as a gymnasium or sports center.

However, the safety net will reduce the injury risk and make it easier to land safely. But even with a safety net, there is always a risk of head and body injury while using a trampoline.

Q: Is it safe to jump on a trampoline?

A: Yes, it is safe if it’s done right. Safety should be your number one priority when using any type of recreational equipment or performing any recreational activity. If done properly, jumping on a trampoline can be very enjoyable and beneficial in many ways. All you have to do is follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully and abide by all safety rules when using a trampoline.

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