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How Long do Trampolines Last?

Trampolines are popular with children, as they can be used to relieve boredom and provide physical activity in a safe environment. Because it is low impact it can help prevent injuries from general aerobic exercise in youngsters.

Trampolines are great exercise and help us to get in shape in the process of jumping around, but they’re also fun! They can be used inside or outside 

Trampolines are made by different companies for different purposes – some are meant for professional athletes, others are meant to accommodate large groups. This article will help you know How Long do Trampolines Last and some tips that you can use to make your trampolines last longer. 

How Long do Trampolines Last?

The amount of time a trampoline will last depends on the quality of materials used, the strength and durability of the trampoline frame, and the frequency in which you use it. In general, the average life span of trampolines is 3 to 8 years if they are taken care of and maintained properly.

The average trampoline will not last for more than 8 years – some are made of cheaper materials that outlast the trampoline. 

Trampoline equipment can wear out over time and become less stable, putting you and your family at risk. This can happen when the frame is damaged or the trampoline surface is damaged.

If you intend to use your trampoline several times a day and it is exposed to harsh weather conditions, then it could give out at any moment. Trampolines should be kept covered because certain parts of them are prone to rust when exposed to the elements.


How Long Does a Trampoline Last On an Average?

Trampolines typically last for 3 to 8 years on average depending upon what the quality is and how you take care of them.

They will not last long if they are used hard every day by the whole family and kept outside in the weather. If they are made of a quality material they will last longer outside if you keep them covered, and usually inside as well. But they should not be used as a permanent fixture, doing so will lessen the life span dramatically.

How Long do Trampolines Last Outside?

The answer to this question will depend on what the trampoline is made of, and if it is treated with a weather-resistant finish or not. But the Average life of a trampoline that you can accept is 5 years if used properly.

If it is made of quality materials and treated with a weather-resistant finish, then it will last longer outside. A trampoline made out of quality materials will also last longer outside than one that is not. Good quality material ensures more strength and durability to the equipment. 

Do Trampolines Break down?

Over time, a trampoline will break down in stages. When the safety netting begins to get stretched out and is full of holes, it is time for a new one. If there are any signs of rust spots on the springs, it may be time for replacement as well. A rusty spring can break at any time, causing serious harm to anyone using it.

How Long do Trampolines Last
How Long Does a Trampoline Last

It can be very hard to pinpoint the exact cause of failure, but depending on how much it is used, there are some common reasons why a trampoline may break:

  • Trampoline frame damage

Once a frame is damaged, the trampoline will not last as long. The material of the frame can be worn out. There are several types of trampolines available in the market today, and each type has different durability and strength.

The more you use it, the greater chance that it can break down sooner than other types of trampolines. Trampoline frames made out of heavier duty materials may last longer than those made out of lighter materials.

  • Springs Damage

Springs are one of the main components that make up trampolines. Over time, springs can lose energy and become weaker. If your springs are not strong enough, they might break under pressure.

In most cases, this will happen when you least expect it and you will fall to the ground. The strongest springs are usually found in the center of a trampoline where four to five springs fit together. There are several designs of trampolines, so they can have different spring patterns. 

  • Excess Use 

Most people don’t expect their trampolines to break down so they continue to use them even after it starts showing signs of wear and tear. Most trampolines are designed to last only a few years and can easily be damaged if they are used hard or after a few years.

The best time to replace your old trampoline is when you first notice that the springs are getting weak, or you see the frame is damaged.

How can I make my trampoline last longer?

Storing your equipment in a shed or garage will help make it last longer. The shelter will protect it from the rain, snow, and sun

Care and Maintenance:

To extend the life of your trampoline, you will need to clean and maintain it regularly. A simple check of the springs and safety nets is a must now and then. If you find any damage in them, then replace them immediately. Make sure all the nuts, bolts, and screws are also in proper condition. The springs should be kept covered at all times.

Proper Covering:

Make sure to keep your trampoline stored properly for it to last longer. Excessive exposure to sun and heat can cause the jump mat to dry out, crack and become brittle. This will decrease the lifespan of your trampoline significantly. 

High winds can also damage your equipment – this is because they are lightweight structures and are easily moved by the wind. 

The key is not to allow it to be outside all year-round; instead try to store it in a shed or garage, covering it with a tarpaulin to protect it from rain, snow, and sun during long periods of inclement weather.

Frequently Asked Questions:


Q: How Long do Mini Trampolines Last?

A: Mini trampolines, like most other trampolines, are prone to wear and tear. Each model does have a different lifespan; however, the general average for most mini trampolines is 3 to 5 years.

Q: How Long do Backyard Trampolines Last?

A: Usually, trampolines last 3-5 years, though some may have a shorter lifespan. The life span depends on the materials of the trampoline as well as the frequency of use. 

Q: How Long do Trampoline Springs Last?

A: Springs is one of the main parts of a trampoline. They are responsible for distributing weight evenly across the whole frame to help prevent ungraceful falls when people use them. They typically last for 3-5 years depending upon the quality used.

Q: Are trampolines high maintenance?

A: This depends on many factors, including the quality of the trampoline and how well you take care of it. A trampoline made out of high-quality materials will be more durable and better able to handle wear and tear than one that isn’t.

A higher-quality trampoline will also last longer if it is taken care of properly. For example, if you find a crack in the safety netting or springs, replace them immediately.


When considering the longevity of a trampoline you will have to consider the quality of materials used, the strength and durability of the frame, and the frequency in which you use it.

Not all trampolines provide customers with all these advantages. When buying a new trampoline it is important to ensure that you get one that has been built using superior quality materials that are designed for lasting life. By purchasing a high-quality trampoline you will save yourself money in unnecessary repairs and replacement parts.

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