Are Longer Trampoline Springs Better

Are Longer Trampoline Springs Better?

Trampolines are used at home, in school gyms, and outside parks. Recently they have become popular among adults as well as older children who want a challenging workout or need to reduce their risk of injury from other sports.

If you are planning to purchase a trampoline and wondering, are longer trampoline springs better? There is a lot of debate on this. Some people think that because of the increased length of the spring, more energy will be expended in each bounce, which will create a bouncier jumping experience

Others believe that this can actually lead to less control and, in turn, injury. It seems that both sides may have some validity to their argument. Since the experience is subjective and everyone has a different opinion on what makes a trampoline fun, it really comes down to personal preference.

Are Longer Trampoline Springs Better?

Longer trampoline springs offer better performance and can hold more weight. Longer springs will allow for a more powerful bounce and higher jumping experience. 

This can be fun for some people and a disadvantage for others who don’t want a bouncy feeling. The more elastic the trampoline is, the less control over movements that are made on it.

The bouncier the trampoline, the less control you have, which can lead to more accidents. If you plan on using your trampoline to help prevent injuries and get in shape, then you are probably better off with shorter stiffer springs.

Are Longer Trampoline Springs Better
Are Longer Springs Better

Benefits of Longer Springs

If you are looking for a bouncier, exciting jumping experience you will want the springs that are longer. Extended springs allow for increased elasticity in each bounce and this creates a more energetic jumping motion.

Due to the additional spring length, there is also more flexibility in the trampoline, which allows for a more lively bounce both vertically and horizontally.

Are Shorter or Longer springs better for Trampoline?

Longer springs will provide you with better performance and can hold more weight. Shorter springs will ensure more safety. 

Ultimately, the purchase decision should be based on what you are planning to use the trampoline for. If you want to use your trampoline mainly for exercise, then it is probably better to go with shorter springs. However, if you want a bouncy trampoline that will give you lots of jumping fun and excitement, then longer springs are better.

The most important thing is to make cabergoline bodybuilding side effects sure that you always have safety in mind when getting on a trampoline regardless of what type of springs you have. Trampoline injuries can be severe so it is important to use extreme caution and make sure that you have adult supervision at all times.

Above All Else, Safety First!

How can I Make my Trampoline Spring Last Longer?

The key here is regular maintenance. Regular maintenance is important for spring longevity.

One thing you can do is purchase trampoline protection pads and place them around your springs and frame. 

This will not only help with the spring life but also prevent injuries from people falling onto the metal of your trampoline. In turn, this will also help prevent rusting of the metal and help extend its longevity.


Trampolines are enjoyed by people of all ages, shapes, and sizes. This is no surprise because they offer fitness, fun, and freedom at a very affordable price.

Longer springs are better because they can provide a more exciting jumping experience and hold more weight, which means that they can accommodate more people. You can even have an entire family jumping around and having a great time.

Shorter springs are safer because they offer more control. Be sure to always jump safely and take the time to learn how to properly bounce on the trampoline.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Are longer springs better?
A. Yes, especially if you want more energetic and excited jumping. If you are interested in having more fun, then you will like having longer springs.

Q. Does more springs make a trampoline Bouncier?
A. Yes, a trampoline will be bouncier with more springs. If you are looking for a bouncy experience, then you will want to have more springs on your trampoline.

Q. Should I use longer springs if my kids are small?
A. It is not recommended because they will not have enough weight and energy to truly enjoy the bouncier effect of the springs. For children, small springs are recommended as they provide more safety.

Q. How many springs are on a trampoline?
A. In general, there are either 6 or 8 springs per trampoline. The number can vary depending on the model and brand of a trampoline. It is recommended to check your owner’s manual in order to make sure that you have the proper configuration for safety and for optimal use.

Q. What are these long springs used for?
A. Longer springs are used on larger trampolines. These longer springs are meant to offer more bounce and energy so that you can experience more fun while jumping.

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