What To Do With An Old Trampoline
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What To Do With An Old Trampoline?

A trampoline is one of the best investments you can make for kids and families. It provides hours of entertainment, and it can be used as a safe backyard or basement play space in the winter.

But what to do with an old trampoline? When they get worn out, they often end up being discarded or donated to the backyard. But there are many ways to turn this would-be trash into something cool!

What To Do With An Old Trampoline?

A very good way to reuse a trampoline is to dismantle it. The parts are valuable for many different things, especially if you take apart a newer trampoline that uses rectangular frame parts and springs. This way, you’ll be able to use the frame for different things.

First of all, you can build a fence around your garden or yard. You can also use it for attaching an awning over your deck or patio. And if you want to go really high-tech, you can attach the springs to a swing that hangs from a tree branch. You can even make a swing for your kid this way!

What To Do With An Old Trampoline
What To Do With An Old Trampoline

Things To Do With An Old Trampoline

There are many things that a family can do with an old trampoline. It is important to consider how the trampoline propionat 100 por dragon pharma en espana propionato de testosterona can be used later on, so it should be kept in good shape. Here are some ways to reuse your old trampoline:

1. Garden Decorations

It is possible to decorate your garden by using an old trampoline. You can use the springs as a type of fence and then place flowers and plants in them. This will keep these items away from the ground and increase their lifespan while adding excitement and color to your yard or garden. The springs can also be used to create a small, raised bed for gardening.

2. Artistic Arrangement

There are many ways to create gorgeous art out of an old, worn-out trampoline. Many people have used this method to create both beautiful and useful structures like planters and swings for their gardens or even their yards. You can paint or stain the trampoline parts to decorate your yard or garden. If you are planning on keeping the trampoline in the yard, you can use it as your patio table or stack some hay bales on it for seating.

3. Relaxing Swing In The Yard

Many people use their old trampolines to create a relaxing area in their yard. If you have children, it would be an excellent way to use their energy and give them something fun to do outside. It can also be used as a chair to enjoy the sunlight and weather in your yard. This is a great way to add comfort and functionality for minimal cost!

4. Farm Equipment

A farm or homestead is much more than a place to raise animals and grow crops. It can be a way of life, a hobby, and an opportunity for adventure. A farm provides very useful things, such as tools, equipment, and space for entertaining activities. The trampoline can be used to make the farm more functional and modern without adding any new buildings. You might even consider using it as an equipment shed for the farm!

5. Beautiful Basket

An old trampoline is perfect for creating a beautiful and useful basket for the garden. You can use the springs for weaving baskets, which are much more beautiful and sturdy than those made from twine or twigs. You can also use them to create a secret hiding place for small treasures in your garden or yard.

6. Comfy Couch

Many trampolines are big enough to be used as a comfy spot to relax on in the yard. You can put some pillows and blankets on it, and you can use it as an outdoor couch. This is a great way to enjoy the weather and watch your kids play, especially if you have other activities going on in the yard. It is also perfect for summer parties or barbecues when you want to create a cool hangout spot for your guests.

7. Rain Garden

The trampoline can be used to create a rain garden for your yard or garden. The water from the surface of the trampoline can be collected, filtered, and used for home irrigation or even for drinking water. This will prevent chemicals from seeping into your soil and make it more healthy and productive. You can also use the trampoline as a raised bed to plant flowers, vegetables, or herbs.

8. Tire Swing

Sometimes a trampoline is just too worn out for any of the other things that you could do with it. That is okay! It would be a shame to throw it away. A damaged trampoline can be repurposed into a tire swing, which is perfect for all sorts of outdoor fun. If you are in a space that does not allow kids to play on the ground, you can use a reusable trampoline as training equipment for running, jumping, or any other activities.

What To Do With An Old Broken Trampoline?

It can be difficult to figure out whether an old trampoline is worth repairing or if it should be thrown away or recycled. Here are a few things to consider, and ways you can use the pieces of a trampoline that are still in good condition:

1. Horizontal Springs

If the springs on your trampoline have not become damaged, they can be used in your yard to make fences, planters, and other decorative items. They will also make wonderful garden sculptures that can be used in landscaping projects. You can even use them as a sturdy sort of fence.

2. Rounded Frame Pieces

The frame pieces that connect the springs together can be used to create small structures like tables, beds, and raised gardens. They are a great way to add storage space without adding any buildings to your property! If you have woodworking experience, you can also build benches and chairs with these pieces. These pieces are usually built out of metal, and they are very durable for their size.

3. Vertical Springs

The vertical springs on the trampoline can be used to make a great birdbath. They are very durable and can handle harsh weather, so you have the water supply covered and you won’t have to worry about neighbors complaining.

4. Spring Hooks

If your springs were not damaged in any way, they can still be used as hooks for hanging plant pots or baskets from your trees and other outdoor items for decoration. You can even use them to hang your tools.

5. Lower Springs

Sometimes an old trampoline has damaged springs that are broken into smaller pieces, such as if someone hit them with a baseball bat. These pieces can be used to create a garden structure similar to a birdbath or putting green. They are also durable and can handle harsh weather, so you don’t have to worry about the weather affecting your garden items!

What Can You Do With An Old Trampoline Mat?

If you have a trampoline mat that has been worn down to nothing, you don’t even need to throw it away! You can use these pieces to create a fun and durable play surface for your children or pets. You can also use them in the yard as an alternative to grass or turf.

1. Backyard Play

If you have a worn-down trampoline mat, you can use it in your backyard as a great play area for children and pets. You can cover the mat with a tarp, which will give the children some shade during playtime. You can also create a nice area for kitty cats or other pets to lounge outside without getting scratched by blades.

2. Pet Hammock

Your pets can have a very comfortable area to sleep in or play on with a trampoline mat. It can be hung from the branches of a tree or from screws in the wall. You can attach it to the side of your house, which will provide shade and a nice place for your pet to lounge outside. Because this is an outdoor item, it will not get easily destroyed by pests, such as rats or mice.

3. Couch

If a trampoline mat is still in good condition and you do not have room for a full-sized trampoline, you can use it to make the perfect outdoor couch. You can hang it from the branch of a tree or from screws in the wall. It will provide shade and comfort for your guests and pets as well.

4. Zero Gravity Chair

If your damaged trampoline mat has no holes or rips in it, you are left with a very useful piece of furniture. It is perfect for sitting or laying on the grass or in a hammock. Not only is this a great way to relax, but it can also provide a nice area for pets to lounge around!

What To Do With Old Trampoline Springs?

A trampoline spring can be repurposed for a wide range of things. You can use them for decoration, crafts, and gardening. They are also very durable and long-lasting, so you can use them for a long time. Here are just a few ways you can repurpose your old trampoline springs:

1. Decorative Flower Pots

You can hang the springs from branches of trees or from hooks in the wall to create unique and fun flower pots. They are also very durable and will not easily be torn or broken.

2. Decorative Lawn Art

You can use a trampoline spring as an accent piece in your lawn, which can add a lot of fun to the overall property. You can hang it from branches of trees or from screws in the wall. The springs are very durable, so you do not have to worry about them being damaged by pests or weather.

3. Tire Swing Hooks

Old trampoline springs can be used to create hooks for hanging tire swings from trees or walls, which is a lot of fun for children and pets. They can also be used as hooks for hanging hammocks, which is perfect if you don’t have enough room to build a hammock on your property. You can also use the hooks to hang garden tools and other items.

Can You Recycle Trampoline Frame?

The frame on a trampoline can be used to create wood furniture and other fun things. You can use the metal frame to create accents in your yard and landscaping, which can add a lot of character and life to your home. You’ll be surprised by all of the things you can do with a trampoline frame when you repurpose it.

What Can I Make With An Old Trampoline Frame?

You can use the metal frame to make garden sculptures, planters, and other outdoor furniture. You can even turn it into a planter for your flower garden. Just use an old shovel to dig up a small hole in the ground and put the metal frame in it. Fill in the dirt around it with sand or small rocks until you have a solid base for your planter.


As you can see, trampolines do not have to be thrown away when they are old or damaged. You can use the springs and other pieces to create unique and fun pieces for your outdoor area. They can add a lot of life to your yard or garden, and they will last much longer than the traditional items you usually find in those areas.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do trampolines expire?

A: Trampolines are designed to be used for many years. As long as you take care of your trampoline and do not abuse it, you can expect it to last a very long time.

Q: How to get rid of old trampolines?

A: Old trampolines can be recycled. You can use the frame to create garden art or to make hooks for outdoor items. You can also use the springs and other pieces to create unique items for your yard or garden.

Q: How long do trampolines last?

A: As long as you take care of a trampoline, you can expect it to last for many years. You must keep it covered when it is not being used, and you must store all of the parts after each use. Make sure to use your trampoline for its intended purpose only, and do not abuse it in any way.

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